David Hasselhoff’s Ex-Wife Arrested For Drunk Driving

Pamela Bach, the ex wife of David Hasselhoff was arrested for drunk driving this past weekend after registering a breathalyzer reading of nearly twice the legal limit.

She was arrested Saturday night by California Highway Patrol, booked and released later that night.

David Hasselhoff has had many battles with alcohol in the past including a video that released by his daughter of the former Knight Rider star shirtless, eating a hamburger and mumbling into the camera. He was also hospitalized over the weekend for what was reported to be alcohol poisoning but he and his representatives are now disputing that claim.

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High School Star Killed In Drunk Driving Accident

After a tough loss in a playoff game Friday night, teammates at Howard County’s River View High decided to go out partying the following night until 3am Sunday morning. Thomas Erdman climbed into the passenger side of his brother’s pickup while his friend, Steven Dankos climbed in to the truck bed.

The truck swerved off the road and slammed into stone pillars on a nearby road, killing Dankos immediately. The Erdman brothers had mild injuries and were treated at the hospital but not before David Erdman was arrested drunken driving, homicide by motor vehicle while intoxicated and manslaughter by motor vehicle, police said. He was taken to jail, and bond was set at $10,000.

Read the full story at The Washington Post.

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Was Tiger Woods Drinking?

It was late on Thanksgiving night, about 2:30 in the morning when Tiger Woods apparently tried to back out of his driveway, hitting a fire hydrant and then a tree. Details as to what exactly happened seem to be changing day by day but he wasn’t seriously injured and his air bags did not deploy because he was not going even 33 miles per hour to set off the safety function.

Many have speculated that Woods may have been drinking and after an argument with his wife pulled out of the driveway hitting the obstructions not more than 25 feet from his house.

The incident has also sparked a flurry of tasteless jokes including, “What is the difference between a lob wedge and an Escalade? Tiger Woods can back up a lob wedge.”

Read more at Two Minute News

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Possible New DWI Arrest Punishment

Many states in the US publish names of those convicted of drinking and driving in the newspapers for public viewing. However, some areas like Honolulu are taking it a step further and posting the photos of those convicted of DWI.

Last week the city began to publishing pictures of 80 people, charged with drinking and driving, even though they have not been convicted. And to many, the embarrassment of such a blight on their public record is worse than the actual punishment for the crime itself.

Read more on this at DUI Attorney.com

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Sober Sam on NBC!

NBC Philadelphia.com posted a great story about Sober Sam today and are also conducting an interview with the owner, Jerry Adams that should be on the news tonight.

We would also like to thank the USA Today, The Press of Atlantic City, and The Asbury Park Press,  for picking up the story published earlier today in The Courier Post.

This is a very busy week for the Police when it comes to handing out DWI’s being one of the biggest weekends to go out. Please before you decide to get behind the wheel, call a taxi, call a friend, or call Sober Sam for a ride for you and your car at 856-520-5679.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

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Sober Sam in the Courier Post

Jerry Adams started Sober Sam, a service to ensure people dont drive drunk after a night out.

Jerry Adams started Sober Sam, a service to ensure people don't drive drunk after a night out.

Today is the second time we have been featured in a newspaper story this month, a very big deal to us at Sober Sam. Last week a reporter for the Courier Post, George Mast, interviewed the owner of Sober Sam, Jerry Adams and planned to run the story today, Thanksgiving Eve.

From The Courier Post:

“When South Jersey natives flock to their favorite bars for pre-Thanksgiving and holiday festivities, safety and law enforcement officials will be out to help everyone have a safe time.

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Drunk Driving Around the Holidays

Tomorrow, Thanksgiving Eve, is the the number one night of the year for people to go out and drink. It’s also the most popular night to drink and drive. Many townships will have do everything they can to curb the amount of drunk drivers on the road this Wednesday night including sobriety checkpoints and random late night stops.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and the police officials around New Jersey are urging people to tie a red ribbon on their cars — reminding others about the dangers of drinking and driving

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