Lindsay Lohan Sent Back To Rehab

Lindsay Lohan was ordered back to rehab until after the Christmas holidays and according to the judge, that was not done by accident. Judge Fox wants Lohan to stay in rehab until the holidays, especially New Year’s has passed.

Lohan is still on probation for he back to back DUI’s in 2007. She was then sent to the Betty Ford Clinic after failing two drug tests last month. Judge Fox made it very clear on his beliefs about Lohan, “You are an addict and I’m not going to be manipulated,” he said.

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MMA/UFC fighter Chris Leben arrested for DUI

MMA/UFC fighter Chris “The Crippler” Leben was arrested for DWI in Honolulu, Hawaii after he crashed into a wall, losing control of his pickup.

In April of 2008, Leben was arrested for a probation violation of a previous DWI charge in Oregon which cost him 35 days in jail and to reschedule a match at UFC 85.

Leben is scheduled to appear in court in Honolulu on November 22nd.

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Man’s Leg Amputated After Struck by Drunk Driver

Mike Hart of Grand Forks, Minnesota, lost his leg after being hit by a drunk driver. He was stopped on a road when he got out to retrieve a high chair that had fallen out of the car. Another car then slammed into him, pinning his leg and crushing it against his trailer hitch.

Hart said that “fear sank in” when he saw his leg, he knew it was very bad. He mostly feels bad for his 7 year old son and 8 month old daughter, “who’s going to play with them?”

The accident was caused by Karen Vatnsdal, who was 52 years old and driving home drunk that night, with a suspended license and no insurance.

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Bus driver fired after arrest for DWI

In Sharonville, Ohio, a bus driver arrested for DWI while he was dropping students off, has been fired.

olice say that Dahlheimer crashed his bus into two parked trucks carrying trailers after dropping off 33 Colerain band members and four chaperones at Princeton High School on Thursday. He blood alcohol level registered at .229, which is over five times the legal limit of .04 for commercial drivers in Ohio. Police say he was visibly impaired and had liquor and prescription drugs.

Read more on this at Fox

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Sober Sam is Open 7 Days a Week…

We want to remind everyone that Sober Sam is open 7 days a week. Hours vary and are subject to availability.

Anyone who wants or needs to use the services Sober Sam offers, we will do our very best to get to you in a timely fashion. Call anytime (856-520-5679) to either reserve a driver or request one last minute. Please call us even if you have any questions or are simply looking for a quick estimate.

Thank you all for your support! Please continue to spread the word about Sober Sam to your friends and family. We would love to keep them all safe from any danger related to drinking and driving. Again thank you all very much!!

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Walgreens CFO Arrested for 2nd DUI

Walgreen Co. Chief Financial Officer Wade Miquelon was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving last month, his second such arrest in a little more than a year, according to court records.

Miquelon, 45, of Winnetka, was stopped in a Jeep at 10:03 p.m. Sept. 25 in the 200 block of Sheridan Road in Kenilworth. Police ticketed him for having a tail light out, driving with a suspended license and driving under the influence.

He refused a Breathalyzer test and failed field sobriety tests, according to Kenilworth Police Lt. Phil Brunell and court records. A hearing is scheduled for Friday at the district courthouse in Skokie.

Read the rest of this article at Chicago Breaking Business

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N.J. man told cops he fled accident because he feared DWI charge

A Berkeley man told police he fled the scene of a Route 37 accident because “he was afraid he would get charged with DWI,” after he was stopped by police for driving erratically, according to Police Chief Michael Mastronardy.

Antonio Dasilva-Vieira, 42, of Sandlewood Drive in the Bayville section of Berkeley, was charged Saturday morning with driving under the influence and eluding after township motorcycle officer Michael Gallipoli observed a red truck driving erratically on Coolidge Avenue in the East Dover section of the township around 9:30 a.m., Mastronardy said.

Read more at The Courier Post Online

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Tonight We have 2 Pub Crawls, 1 Beef and Beer, 2 Weddings…

It will be a busy but wonderful night for Sober Sam and South Jersey.

We already have reservations lined up for tonight so please call early. We will be starting non stop from 8 pm until close. This is all without the mention of the Phillies game regulars we have.

We are looking forward to meeting all our new friends tonight. We will be there at both pub crawls, the beef and beer, pick ups from both weddings, and still try and get you when you are ready to get home safe with your car. Remember YOU drink and WE drive!! Have a great night and you all be safe!!

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