‘My mother’s drunk, don’t let her drive me home’

Detroit — In a desperate attempt to stop her drunken mother from driving, a 9-year old girl passed a note to a bank teller that said, “My mother’s drunk, don’t let her drive me home.” Latanya Evans is the 49-year old mother who went into Bank of America when her daughter slipped the piece of paper to the bank employee.

After the young girl refused to get into the car with her intoxicated mother, Evans sped off, leaving the little girl at the bank by herself. Evans was then stopped not far away by police and charged with drinking and driving.

Source: Main Online

Golf Season is Fast Approaching

Weather hitting almost 70 one day and then snowing a day or two later can only mean one thing. Spring is right around the corner here in the Northeast.

With the spring comes golf outtings, charity events, weddings, and outside events. Sober Sam is available for daytime events as well as evenings out. At Sober Sam, we want to be available to all our friends and help them get home safe with their car whenever they need us. By our friends we mean YOU!

Call and schedule a Sober Sam driver to meet you at all your events. Its much easier to plan ahead and not need us then calling last minute and truly needing us.

If you are hosting an event, we are also available as a group to attend your event and be available for your guests. If interested, give us a call at 856-520-5679 to get the details. If your event is serving alcohol, having Sober Sam available will benefit all involved.

Thank you all again for your support!

A Quick Reminder On Our Discounts

This is just a quick reminder that we currently give significant discounts to all Police, Firefighters, and EMT’s. It is our way of showing appreciation for what you all go through daily. We also give a similar discount to ALL the people in the bar industry. If we do not know you , you must show proof (I.E; badge, carry card, paystub, etc.). We also throw a discount to different professions on facebook from time to time.

Our coupon will be back up shortly to help with the already low cost of Sober Sam and getting home safe and DUI free. Only one discount per ride and can not be combined with any other offer. Coupons and discounts can not be used on holidays or special events.

Any questions please call us. What is it worth for you or someone you care about to get home safe without a DUI?…. Thank you all for your support!!

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Congratulations to The Briand Family!!

We would LOVE and be honored to welcome Layla DelleRose Briand publicly to the world!!! She was born at 1:02pm on Friday February 4th. A healthy 7 lbs 7 oz. Congratulations to the Briand family on the birth of their first child!!

The Briands are a large part of Sober Sam and have been from the beginning. We are extremely excited for them and are very proud to have been able to add another member of our extended family at Sober Sam through these wonderful are caring people. I personally can not wait too meet her and look forward too many many years with her in our lives.

CONGRATULATIONS to Keith and Christy Briand and the rest of their family!!! See you soon Layla!!

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Get Your Superbowl Reservations Today!

The Superbowl is upon us again! Parties, commercials, drinks, and great friends will be all around this weekend. Don’t forget there will also be police patrolling our streets looking for people not using Sober Sam. Reserve your designated driver today whether its a close friend, family member, or your friends here at Sober Sam.

Thank you all and we hope you have a safe a memorable weekend!

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