Labor Day Weekend and Sobriety Checkpoints

Along with the unofficial end to the summer, Labor Day brings a lot of fun and well deserved down time. Some of us will be at the shore and others will be BBQ’ing with friends and family locally watching football. Whatever your plans are please make it a safe and fun weekend without drinking and driving.

Sobriety checkpoints will be positioned throughout our area this weekend with a goal to catch all those who have had a few drinks and got behind the wheel. Taking a chance on driving after drinking affects more then just you. It can have an impact on your relatives, your property, your career, it even can affect a unsuspecting stranger…not to mention how much it will cost you. Is a few drinks worth the risk? Ever had to depend on others to drive you to pick up milk for the house?

With Sober Sam coming up on our 2 year anniversary there is no longer an excuse to take the chance and drive after drinking. We are here and available to help you get your vehicle home while you relax comfortably, and without worry, in the passenger seat of your own vehicle. Give us a call to find out what areas we cover.

Most importantly , please have a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend!! Hopefully we will get to see you! ENJOY!!