Golfers: If You Drink While You Drive The First 18 Holes, Let Sober Sam Drive Your 19th Hole…Home!

Driving while golfing is needed but driving while drinking is not anymore. If you like to have a few drinks while you are out on the links you can count on Sober Sam to get you home. Use Sober Sam every time you have a few drinks and need or want your car home.

Many reasons we have wanted our vehicles home over the years after a day or night of drinking. Whether you have a truck full of tools, errands to be ran or work the next morning, or simply like the comfort of your vehicle home… Sober Sam is your guy!

Sober Sam will help you get home from BBQ’s, house parties, weddings, special events, sporting events, beef and beer’s, graduation parties, “liquid lunches”, dinner dates, entertaining clients, or anywhere else you have a drink and driving home is not the best choice!

Only you can be responsible for you! The responsible choice is NEVER to drink and drive! Before you decide to get behind the wheel after having a drink… please think of your family, friends, and loved ones who care about you. If you realize that its not the smart move… Give Sober Sam a call. We can be discreet if needed. We believe that what happens with your friend Sober Sam, stays with Sober Sam!!

Please drink responsibly! Do not drink and drive! Buzzed driving is drunk driving. The life you save may be your own!

Sober Sam is close by

Sober Sam is close by