Happy 4th of July… Please Stay Safe!

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!

We all know the consequences of drinking and driving. With the summer season in full swing and BBQ’s a plenty, Sober Sam is available to pick you and your family up from any house in our area, a golf course, charity event, or any restaurant or bar. Anywhere there is drinking in our area… Sober Sam can be there to help!

We do not judge and want you all to get home safely without a DUI. We have many customers who use our service even and especially when their children are with them. It is a great way to give them a valuable lesson about responsibility.

Sober Sam is the new NORMAL! Our name will be part of everyday life ( like Pepsi or Mcdonalds ) for the future of anyone who likes to have a drink. We are a respectful and caring company who genuinely cares that every gets home safe without a DUI. Saving people from DUI’s is one thing but helping avoid a mistake resulting in death is the ultimate goal.

Start the lessons early to all you love about the dangers of drinking and driving. Whether you pass the word to your teenagers or siblings…. Sober Sam is the way to go if you like to have a drink responsibly ( when legal age of course ). Protect the ones you love from drinking and driving. The time is now to be the responsible one.

We have the ability to take payment over the phone if you want to pay for someone that wants to use our service but does not have the money. This is another great option for parents or responsible family members.

As a single parent myself, I would do or pay anything to keep my child safe from drinking and driving… NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!! Drinking and driving is a preventable mistake. IT STARTS WITH YOU!

Please enjoy your summer and don’t drink and drive! Please drink responsibly!