Florida Gators Suspend Carlos Dunlap Over DUI Charge

Just a few days before the SEC Championship game against #2 ranked Alabama, the Florida Gators suspended their star defensive end, Carlos Dunlap over his recent DUI arrest.

Police in Gainesville, Florida found Dunlap late Monday night, asleep at the wheel while stopped at a red light. He was arrested and taken into custody without any problems.

Carlos Dunlap is a sure top-ten pick in the NFL draft next year but may have cost himself a top five selection as well as the millions of dollars that go with that honor.

Read more at  The Palm Beach Post

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2 Responses to “Florida Gators Suspend Carlos Dunlap Over DUI Charge”

  1. Alan says:

    The government told you people before and they will tell you again that it’s against the law to drink and drive. When is the time you people learn?

  2. good to see your site is loading ok today, when your article didn’t work yesterday I was worried something terrible might’ve happenend. ticket event