‘Partridge Family’ star, David Cassidy, arrested for DWI

Former teen idol and star of the 70′s show, ‘The Partridge Family,’ was arrested in Florida for DWI.

Cassidy was arrested in his 2008 Mercedes when a police officer in Florida saw him weaving and running off the road several times. Apparently Cassidy claimed to only have had one glass of wine and taking a hydrocodone, the generic name for oxycotin, at around 3:30 in the afternoon. Yet still, the teen star blew a 0.14 in his breathalyzer test.

It was then police found half a bottle of bourbon in Cassidy’s car.

Source: The Daily News

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One Response to “‘Partridge Family’ star, David Cassidy, arrested for DWI”

  1. lenoramorton says:

    lol! my mom is so cute, she freaked cause she thought i was going to tell her David Cassidy died! he just got arrested mother :)