12 Noon-12 midnight -

$15 for the first mile plus $4 each additional.

12 midnight- closing-

$20 for first mile plus $4 each additional mile.

Happy Hour 5pm-8pm M-F -

$10 for first mile plus $4 each additional mile.

Reservations are appreciated but not necessary. Call any time!

All pricing is dictated by time of pick up, NOT from the moment you call for service. (I.E.- if you call at 1:10 am and Sober Sam picks you up at 1:45, charges start from 1:45)

$5 Additional charge may apply for each stop.

All payments are due upon delivery unless otherwise specified by a Sober Sam employee.

Services are subject to availability on a First Come, First Serve basis so please call ahead one hour to ensure delivery if a Sober Sam employee is not present at your location.

*NEW Hire-A-Driver Service Pricing

$30.00 an hour for 2 people up too 20 miles from place of pick-up

$5.00 hourly charge for each additional person included

$0.50 a mile after the original 20 miles

Some cases may require a non-refundable deposit.

*Each ride can be extended from the initially agreed upon contract with an increased hourly charge of $35.00 an hour plus $5.00 hourly charge per extra person (if applicable). Your Sober Sam driver must agree to the changes and call it in for approval.

** Minimum of 3 hours consecutive required on contract or 4 hours split in a 10 hour period

*** Gratuity is NOT included


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