A Quick Reminder On Our Discounts

This is just a quick reminder that we currently give significant discounts to all Police, Firefighters, and EMT’s. It is our way of showing appreciation for what you all go through daily. We also give a similar discount to ALL the people in the bar industry. If we do not know you , you must show proof (I.E; badge, carry card, paystub, etc.). We also throw a discount to different professions on facebook from time to time.

Our coupon will be back up shortly to help with the already low cost of Sober Sam and getting home safe and DUI free. Only one discount per ride and can not be combined with any other offer. Coupons and discounts can not be used on holidays or special events.

Any questions please call us. What is it worth for you or someone you care about to get home safe without a DUI?…. Thank you all for your support!!