Sober Sam is now offering limited space memberships for bars in our area.

We are offering a way for the bars to make Sober Sam’s already low prices even more affordable for their patrons. For a nominal monthly fee Sober Sam will provide personalized pricing guides for each individual bar that will state no rate increase after midnight. Also will have us be available to your establishment on a weekly basis and keep us in your area constantly. This will increase customer satisfaction for your patrons.

As limited spaces are available, this will benefit each establishment in many ways. The first, it shows your customers that you care by wanting to make Sober Sam readily available for them. Second, once your patrons know they will have a safe ride home with their car they tend to have a few more , worry-free drinks. This in turn will increase your bar revenue. There is also the fact that by having Sober Sam readily available for you patrons, you are decreasing the liability risk of someone getting a DUI or getting into an alcohol related accident. This will protect both the bar itself and all employees serving alcohol.

There are many many reasons to feature Sober Sam in your establishment. Chances are high that Sober Sam has either picked-up many people from your bar already or certainly from surrounding establishments. This is simply a way together we can help save more lives and money for those of us who enjoy a night out with adult beverages.

Remember, limited offers available so we can keep this offer exclusive. For more information or to have this in place at your bar, please send an email to info@sobersam.com attention Jerry Adams or simply call us at 856-520-5679 and ask for Jerry Adams.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you in advance for caring about keeping people safe and doing your part in eliminating alcohol related accidents instead of just serving and forgetting.