Super Bowl Sunday Has Arrived!

Whichever team you are cheering for we would like to wish you luck. We are excited for the day to enjoy a good game of football, good food, and great friends. 

Please remember the police are well aware of the days activities. Today, along with everyday is the best day to chose never to drink and drive again. Please pass the word of Sober Sam to your friends and family to insure they don’t make the mistakes many have in the past. 

Join us in our mission to eliminate accidents related to drinking and driving. 

Thank you all for your support! We wish you a safe and enjoyable Super Bowl Sunday!! Hopefully we will see you soon!!

Happy 4th of July… Please Stay Safe!

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!

We all know the consequences of drinking and driving. With the summer season in full swing and BBQ’s a plenty, Sober Sam is available to pick you and your family up from any house in our area, a golf course, charity event, or any restaurant or bar. Anywhere there is drinking in our area… Sober Sam can be there to help!

We do not judge and want you all to get home safely without a DUI. We have many customers who use our service even and especially when their children are with them. It is a great way to give them a valuable lesson about responsibility.

Sober Sam is the new NORMAL! Our name will be part of everyday life ( like Pepsi or Mcdonalds ) for the future of anyone who likes to have a drink. We are a respectful and caring company who genuinely cares that every gets home safe without a DUI. Saving people from DUI’s is one thing but helping avoid a mistake resulting in death is the ultimate goal.

Start the lessons early to all you love about the dangers of drinking and driving. Whether you pass the word to your teenagers or siblings…. Sober Sam is the way to go if you like to have a drink responsibly ( when legal age of course ). Protect the ones you love from drinking and driving. The time is now to be the responsible one.

We have the ability to take payment over the phone if you want to pay for someone that wants to use our service but does not have the money. This is another great option for parents or responsible family members.

As a single parent myself, I would do or pay anything to keep my child safe from drinking and driving… NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!! Drinking and driving is a preventable mistake. IT STARTS WITH YOU!

Please enjoy your summer and don’t drink and drive! Please drink responsibly!

Golfers: If You Drink While You Drive The First 18 Holes, Let Sober Sam Drive Your 19th Hole…Home!

Driving while golfing is needed but driving while drinking is not anymore. If you like to have a few drinks while you are out on the links you can count on Sober Sam to get you home. Use Sober Sam every time you have a few drinks and need or want your car home.

Many reasons we have wanted our vehicles home over the years after a day or night of drinking. Whether you have a truck full of tools, errands to be ran or work the next morning, or simply like the comfort of your vehicle home… Sober Sam is your guy!

Sober Sam will help you get home from BBQ’s, house parties, weddings, special events, sporting events, beef and beer’s, graduation parties, “liquid lunches”, dinner dates, entertaining clients, or anywhere else you have a drink and driving home is not the best choice!

Only you can be responsible for you! The responsible choice is NEVER to drink and drive! Before you decide to get behind the wheel after having a drink… please think of your family, friends, and loved ones who care about you. If you realize that its not the smart move… Give Sober Sam a call. We can be discreet if needed. We believe that what happens with your friend Sober Sam, stays with Sober Sam!!

Please drink responsibly! Do not drink and drive! Buzzed driving is drunk driving. The life you save may be your own!

Sober Sam is close by

Sober Sam is close by

Cinco De Mayo is Days Away

With cinco de mayo days away do you have plans? Many places to go and enjoy and as usual Sober Sam will be around to help get you home safe in your own vehicle!

We will be doing our normal coverage area but our home base for the night will be our favorite place to be … La Esperanza (!

Although reservations are appreciated, they will not necessary as we have staffed accordingly. If you get a chance, say hello to the two newest on the Sober Sam team. We hope that you will welcome them on board as we have.

We will start early and be working all night. If you have any questions please don’t be shy and talk to any one of our courteous staff. That’s why you see them out. We are not their to judge ( because chances are we have been there personally) , we are simply there to answer your questions and help you get home if you want or need it.

Sober Sam wants to be your friend , not just online but in person. We want to be that friend of yours who you can count on to stay sober and get you home safe with your vehicle.

Please have a wonderful and safe Cinco De Mayo along with any other time alcohol is involved! Drink responsibly and do not drink and drive! By choosing Sober Sam for all your safe ride homes, the life you save may be your own!

Thank you for your continued support!!

– Sober Sam

Win A FREE Ride From Our Sober Sam Photo Contest!!

Sober Sam is offering multiple FREE ride cards for a fun and easy contest. Take a picture with one of our Sober Sam drivers and tag us on facebook and you could win a Sober Sam FREE ride card.

Sober Sam will be giving away one Free ride card for the chosen picture with EACH of our drivers. Be creative and have fun with it but remember we are a family oriented company.

The contest will run until the end of April. We will be giving away one Free ride card for each one of our drivers, so multiple entries are welcome. The Sober Sam Free Ride Card is valued up to $39.00 each. The contest will start today and run until the end of April 2012. Our drivers will be well aware of the contest and would love to have their picture taken with you. If all goes well with this first photo contest, we will have them more frequently. Please have fun with it and enjoy yourselves.


1. Each picture must include a Sober Sam driver in uniform and the person entering the contest.

2. Each entry must be on facebook and have Sober Sam, the bar where picture was taken (if applicable), and the person entered in the contest tagged in the photo.

3. The photos can not be altered.

4. Everyone in the photo must be at least 21 years of age with valid I.D.

5. There will be 1 winner per driver (so take as many pictures as you want with all our drivers)

6. You can not win more then 1 free ride card per month

7. Owner of Sober Sam will have final decision on each winning photo


Please drink responsibly!

Please do NOT drink and drive!!

St. Patty’s Day Pricing

Pricing for St. Patty’s Day will be $30.00 for the first 3 miles and $2.00 each additional mile (open to close). We will be starting our pick-ups at 12 noon. Have a wonderful and safe St. Patty’s Day. Please drink responsibly and do not drink and drive!!

Make Your New Year’s Eve Reservation Now!

Availability for New Year’s Eve is going fast. We only have limited space left. Please make your reservations now to make certain you finish off your New Years Eve the right way, by getting home safe with your own car and without a DUI!


$50.00 for the first 5 miles and $2.00 each additional mile.

Pricing is per vehicle NOT per person, so car pool to save money. We will drop all in your party off at their house on your way home.

Any questions please give us a call and someone will be able to assist you.

GIFT CARDS are still available and will be year round!

Thank you all for your support! Please have a happy and safe New Year’s Eve!!