Holiday Hours and Pricing


Christmas Eve : 4pm- Approximately Midnight

Christmas Day : 8 pm – Closing

NYE ( By Reservation ) : Reservations Starting at 12:30 am 1-1-2012

New Years Day : Open at Noon – Close

PRICING ( all day pricing ) :

Christmas Eve – $25.00 for the first 3 miles and $2.00 each additional mile

Christmas Day – $25.00 for the first 3 miles and $2.00 each additional mile

New Years Eve – $50.00 for the first 5 miles and $2.00 each additional mile

New Years Day – $25.00 for the first 3 miles and $2.00 each additional mile


Gift Cards are available!

Sober Sam Gift Cards are Available!

Sober Sam Gift Cards are NOW available year round!!

These Gift Cards will be on sale Monday December 5th, 2011 – Thursday December 8th, 2011. With every $25.00 Sober Sam Gift Card purchased you will receive $5.00 FREE. They will also be available Monday December 12th, 2011 – Thursday December 15th, 2011 for the same price.

Give us a call to find out the times available. We will be at Dante’s Bar and Grill in Barrington, New Jersey on the White Horse Pike. This gives easy access to those who travel up and down rt 295 and all other major roads in the area.

We do accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover cards. We do NOT accept checks. These Gift Cards will still be available if you see a Supervisor at any of the places you may be having a drink any night of the week. Just ask any Sober Sam’r how to purchase one.

Obviously these make great gifts and still protect the ones you love. These are perfect for your local college student, someone who never goes out because they WON’T drink and drive, or just a casual drinker. Any questions please give us a call for details.

Thank you for your continuous support and helping eliminate the threat of drunk drivers on our roads!

Wednesday Before Thanksgiving

An obvious statement is to please do not drink and drive tonight. Not only are the cops out in full force, but there will be innocent people trying to do the right thing by staying sober to help their loved ones get home safe and DUI free tonight. We are just a few of those people!

Please be responsible enough to make the choice to NOT drink and drive. We care enough to stay sober to help you, so you should care enough to not want to drive drunk. We don’t care if you use a cab, ask a family member, stay sober, or use Sober Sam…. As long as you stay safe and DUI- FREE, along with keeping others safe from you not drinking and driving!

Thank you all again for your support and NOT drinking and driving!!

REMEMBER … It is easier to change a mistake 5 minutes BEFORE it happens as opposed to 5 seconds AFTER one happens!!

Cost of Sober Sam Compared to a DUI

We wanted to give you an idea of what the price comparison is between levels of DUI’s opposed to the weekly cost of Sober Sam.

All figures are based off an average of $30.00 fare with Sober Sam. As a reminder our prices go as low as $10.00 for Happy Hour and has gone as high as $120 for a 53 mile ride which is equivalent to going to Atlantic City from certain areas. On average our rides are between $20-$35… So we chose $30.00 as our comparison point.

*All figures are based off a going out rate of 2 days a week.

* All figures are based off an average of a $30.00 fare.

If the DUI cost $7,500.00 it would take 2.4 YEARS of using Sober Sam before they were equal in price!

If the DUI cost $10,000 it would take 3.2 YEARS before they were equal in price!

If the DUI were to cost you $12,500 it would take you 4 YEARS before they were equal in price!

If the DUI cost you $15,000 it would take almost 5 YEARS for the prices to be equal!

PLEASE remember, the money is only one part of a DUI and its the small part. There is the fact of losing your license, possibly losing your job or career, you can also lose your freedom by going to jail, and the ultimate possibility of a life being lost. Whether that life is your own, a loved one or friend, or an unsuspecting stranger it is a mistake that can never be taken back or fixed.


Sober Sam can provide you with peace of mind and a WORRY-FREE night out and ride home… Please bring your friend Sober Sam with you when alcohol is involved!

Sober Sam Accepts Credit Cards

Sober Sam accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Discover Cards. We have accepted them for a couple months now but wanted to remind you that this option is available for your convenience!

Anyone can use this option, although it seems to be particularly convenient for parents. This option can be used through the phone each time our service is used or even prepaid with Gift Cards. Please pass our number to the ones you want to use our service.

Thank you all for your continued support!!

Sober Sam is Available…

Sober Sam is available 7 days a week. We are available until most bars close. We are also available on most holidays. We are available in Camden County along with parts of Gloucester and Burlington Counties.

We are available for concerts. We are available for charity events and beef and beers. We are available for weddings. We are available for over 21 house parties. We are available for wine tasting events, as well as beer and liqour tasting events. We are available for sporting events. We are available for people who have a drink while they are out to dinner. We are available to pick up from train stations if you go into the city.

We are available to drop off in New Jersey only. We are available to drive you if you had one drink or many drinks. We are available to your friends and family in our designated area. We are available if you are simply to tired to drive. We are available to speak at events related to eliminating drinking and driving.

We will soon be available to drive you around in your own car all night ( NEW rent-a-driver/friend program ). We are not limited just to the things mentioned here.

We simply want to be available to help you stop drinking and driving anyway possible.

The choice starts with you. With the availability of Sober Sam , how can you make a difference? Tell a friend? Tell a loved one? Give a Sober Sam Gift Card? Take the pledge to NOT drink and drive yourself? …. PLEASE SPREAD OUR WORD AND NUMBER TO ALL THE PEOPLE YOU CARE ABOUT!!


For Those Who Have Not Used Us Yet…

We wanted to explain that you sit in your passengers seat of your own car and we simply drive you and your car home DUI-FREE!

We only wanted to mention this because it still seems to be a surprise to the first timers. Most believe they drive in our car, which is not the case. That only occurs when your vehicle becomes unlawfully full by adding one more person ( a Sober Sam driver).

Any questions please feel free to give us a call and someone will be able to help you. We are a get you and your car home safe service. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Please don’t drink and drive! One drink or many drinks , we are there just in case and want to help!


Sober Sam is now offering limited space memberships for bars in our area.

We are offering a way for the bars to make Sober Sam’s already low prices even more affordable for their patrons. For a nominal monthly fee Sober Sam will provide personalized pricing guides for each individual bar that will state no rate increase after midnight. Also will have us be available to your establishment on a weekly basis and keep us in your area constantly. This will increase customer satisfaction for your patrons.

As limited spaces are available, this will benefit each establishment in many ways. The first, it shows your customers that you care by wanting to make Sober Sam readily available for them. Second, once your patrons know they will have a safe ride home with their car they tend to have a few more , worry-free drinks. This in turn will increase your bar revenue. There is also the fact that by having Sober Sam readily available for you patrons, you are decreasing the liability risk of someone getting a DUI or getting into an alcohol related accident. This will protect both the bar itself and all employees serving alcohol.

There are many many reasons to feature Sober Sam in your establishment. Chances are high that Sober Sam has either picked-up many people from your bar already or certainly from surrounding establishments. This is simply a way together we can help save more lives and money for those of us who enjoy a night out with adult beverages.

Remember, limited offers available so we can keep this offer exclusive. For more information or to have this in place at your bar, please send an email to attention Jerry Adams or simply call us at 856-520-5679 and ask for Jerry Adams.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you in advance for caring about keeping people safe and doing your part in eliminating alcohol related accidents instead of just serving and forgetting.