Holiday hours and Pricing

Christmas Eve we will be open from 6pm until 11pm. Pricing is $20 for the first mile and $5 each additional mile.

Christmas Day from 7 pm until midnight. Pricing is $20 for the first mile and $5 each additional mile.

New Year’s Eve from 10 pm until needed pending reservations. $50 for the first 5 miles and $5 each additional mile.

New Years Day 4pm until Midnight (subject to change if needed). Pricing is $20 for the first mile and $5 each additional mile.

  • Gratuities are not included and are greatly appreciated.

WE hope that everyone understands that our Sober Sam drivers willingly sacrifice their nights, weekends, and especially holidays for friends, family, and strangers alike to help you all avoid DWI, DUI , or all related accidents to keep our streets safe. WE are very grateful to have each of them as part of Sober Sam’s family.

What is it WORTH to you to get home safely with your vehicle?

Thank you for your continued support!! – Sober Sam

YES, Sober Sam is still in business and never left!!

We have maintained our presence 7 days a week in the South Jersey establishments and area since 2009 (including holidays… call us @ 856-520-5679 ).  We have regrettably not kept up with our website but we are looking to change that currently. If you have any questions or inquiries of our pricing and area coverage please give us a call at 856-520-5679 and someone will be able to assist you. We are also seeking someone to help update and maintain our website and help us design an APP. If you or someone you know may be interested we would like to discuss it further. Please email us at with any offers or recommendations for these actions. We would appreciate any suggestions to help us reach more people and help eliminate the threat of driving drunk on all streets. Thank you in advance!!

Sober Sam is looking for website help

WE are seeking someone who has a passion for what we do and is interested in helping us update and maintain our website. We also are seeking an APP designer in addition to the website to help us move into the new era. If you have an interest or know someone willing to help please contact us at . Thank you in advance for your time and help!

Changes Are Coming To Sober Sam

There are changes being made to Sober Sam. This will help us move in the correct direction. We will be able to reach more people and expand our reach to many others who we want to help protect and keep safe from the dangers of drinking and driving.  We still need your help and understanding as we move forward. We are the premier designated service in South Jersey in our sixth year.

Some things that we are changing are mileage price increase, trial run for our pilot membership program, featured bar list, new and improved website on the horizon along with a mobile app to make reaching out for a ride a whole lot more simple.

We are increasing our mileage rate from $3 up to $4 but our initial price will remain the same. That is the only bad news.

Sober Sam will also be starting a pilot membership program which will be designed to help combat our price increase for certain people. This will maintain a discounted rate for those who use our service regularly. Also will be for friends of Sober Sam.

We are also going to make a featured bar list for establishments who have come to depend on our service  which will also keep our rates at a freeze for these bars and their patrons.

All of this we be included on our new and improved website, which will be coming soon. Along with the new and improved website  we are currently in the process of designing a mobile app to make requesting a Sober Sam ride far more simple and convenient.

We will continually move forward and make progress to improve our service to reach many more people with our main goal of keeping you, your family and friends, and our local streets safer. Thank you for your continued support of Sober Sam and the dedicated staff who sacrifice their nights and weekends to help friends and strangers alike get home safely with your vehicle and without a DUI.

Sober Sam Needs Your Help!

We need your help to spread the word to all your friends, family, co-workers, and even strangers about what Sober Sam does. Some still do not know that we are a service designed to help get you and your vehicle home safe and DUI- free!

Whether you have used our service before, plan too, or know someone who has…. Sober Sam is always a great option.

The hardest part about using our service is the phone call the first time utilizing this service. After that it becomes a breeze. Some have expressed how they have survived this long without having a service like ours, including some on our staff.

We want to thank you in advance to help us spread the word about the alternative to either driving drunk , using a taxi, or depending on another. That alternative being Sober Sam ” The Designated Driver Service”. Myself and our staff looks forwarding to seeing you and helping you any chance we get. Thank you again!

We are also looking to add to our team . Must be dedicated and care about getting people home safe without DUI’ s . The positions available are for nights and weekends. Must be willing to work holidays. Also must have a clean driving record along with a clean back round check. Please be able to drive stick and be sociable . If interested please send contact information to . Include full name, phone number , availability, reason for wanting to join our dedicated team, and a resume if desired. If we are interested, someone will respond to you and schedule a time to fill out an application and schedule an interview.

Thank you again for your support! Have a wonderful time, be safe, and we hope to see you soon!! Please don’t drink and drive!!

Sober Sam Will Be Working This Labor Day Weekend!!

This weekend pays homage to the men and women who have built this country with their hard work and dedication. From the people who have constructed our buildings to the ones who run them today.

Even though it also marks the unofficial end to the summer, we hope you celebrate this holiday weekend to its fullest. This is also a great weekend to make many family memories that can last a lifetime and beyond, make them positive ones.

We know drinking is a big part of it and so do our laborers in blue… the police. Please drink responsibly and designate a driver. Ensure your chance to enjoy the next holiday.

Sober Sam is going into our 5th year soon and growing. So we will be working this Labor Day weekend! We also work 7 days a week all year round including the holidays. Thank you everyone! Please Don’t Drink and Drive! Hopefully we will see you soon!

Fantasy Football Draft Unofficial Designated Driver

Sober Sam is available to get you home safely from your fantasy football draft party. Whether your draft is at a home or out at your favorite watering hole, Sober Sam will be there to help you out. We can make sure you get home safely without a DUI, but we cant help you when you get home. Enjoy yourselves and we hope to see you soon. Please drink responsibly! Please Do Not Drink and Drive!!