Cinco De Mayo and Sober Sam, Perfect Together

If you have not already designated a driver for Cinco De Mayo, its not to late to call Sober Sam. In fact even though reservations are preferred you can call up until your last drink and ask Sober Sam for a designated driver to help you get home DUI-FREE in your own vehicle.

Whether you are going to our favorite Cinco Party Place … La Esperanza ( ) or your favorite Cinco party place, Sober Sam will be available all day and night. We will just be a phone call away. This is another holiday people want to enjoy and celebrate with close friends and family.

If you are looking for a place to go and enjoy authentic food and drinks with a fantastic atmosphere, please stop by La Esperanza and say hello. We stopped by there last year and did not want to leave. Where ever you go, the most important decision is getting home safe.

At Sober Sam we want you to have a great time and enjoy yourself thoroughly. Make this Cinco De Mayo a memorable one but for the right reasons and not the wrong ones like driving drunk.

Please drink responsibly and enjoy yourselves! Also PLEASE do not drink and drive!!

Thank you again for your support!