Sober Sam is a designated driver service supporting the Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia areas.

Our goal is to safely drive you and your car home saving you the dangers of driving while intoxicated. No longer do you need to take a taxi cab, have someone pick you up, leave your car in a parking lot, or worse, drive while impaired endangering yourself and others.

If you find yourself in the situation where you cannot drive, simply call Sober Sam at 856-520-5679 and for about the price of a taxi, we will drive you and your car home safely.
How It Works…. It starts with the interest of you, our customer, to be safe in all aspects of a night of fun with family or friends. We have a couple of scenarios to explain to you how to use Sober Sam. All scenarios end the same way. The final paragraph will explain exactly how the service works.

FIRST SCENARIO … We have a team of anywhere from 2-5 employees at the location you are socializing.. They will be mingling and answering any questions you may have that has to do with our service. You decide you want to use the services we offer. You, friends or family, the bartender, management of the bar, or security let us know you are interested in using Sober Sam and then read ”THE FINAL PARAGRAPH”…

SECOND SCENARIO … You are at a location that is not featuring Sober Sam that night. You have our card or find our number that you already stored in your cell phone and call us to pick you up at the location you are at ( Please call at least an hour in advance ). The person who you speak to will ask a time you would like to be picked up, location, destination, etc. Then they will give you an estimated time of our arrival and availability. We will have at least two Sober Sam representatives arrive at your location to meet you specifically. Now read the “FINAL PARAGRAPH”…

…THE FINAL PARAGRAPH: You, your family, or friends decide that the best option, other then drinking and driving, is to use Sober Sam because you need or want your vehicle home with you because you have something to do the next morning. You ask one of our employees to assist you in getting both you and your vehicle home. At this point we have a liability form that we have and need signed before we can administer any actions. We will explain, read, answer any questions you have in regards to our liability form. It essentially states that you will abide by all local, state, and federal laws( I.E.; No drugs or open containers in the vehicle, your car is registered and insured, you are at least 21 years of age with a valid NJ drivers license, your vehicle is in good working order ( lights, turn signals, brakes, etc.), and a few others that we will discuss the day of signing.

After the liability form is signed our drivers do a quick inspection of your vehicle. We will log your mileage, your address, phone number, and a few more things to make sure we have what we need to deliver you safely to your home. Once these are in place, we simply seat belt ourselves in your drivers seat and you and your party make yourselves comfortable in the open seats in your vehicle and enjoy the ride in the comfort of your very own vehicle. Once we arrive at your house and your car is secure, we will accept payment ( Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express …sorry no checks.) We hand you your keys, there will be a car who has followed us to your home who will pick us up, and you head safely into your home worry free as we head back to help another.