Do You Have Your St. Pattys Day Designated Driver?

If you have not already designated a driver for St. Patty’s Day, please consider using your friends at Sober Sam. As much as we all want to enjoy the holidays ourselves, we would rather help you all get home safe without a DUI.

At Sober Sam we want to protect all our friends and family from the issues relating to a DUI or an alcohol related accident. We consider anyone we meet a friend. Just as you would want to protect your friends and family yourself, so do we!

Please think of your loved ones and make the right decision on all occasions involving drinking starting with this St. Patty’s Day and reserve a Sober Sam driver, if you have not already used us. Also pass the word of Sober Sam to your loved ones that you think it may benefit them. Our number is simple and easily stored in cell phones.

Thank you all a great deal for even caring enough to look at our website!! We hope the next step is you knowing you have a friend in Sober Sam and you and your loved ones never choosing to drink and drive again.