1-Are you a taxi service?

No, not at all….SoberSam.com is strictly a service to help you get you and your car home when you are not able to do so yourself because of alchohol.

2- Can you drive me to my friends house or another bar after we are done at the bar we call you from?

Our apologies but SoberSam.com is a “get you home” service. We do not taxi people around from bar to bar or bar to friends house. Our service is offered so you escape any DUI related charges or alcohol-related accidents.

3- Can you drive in Philly?

SoberSam.com is currently only offering service “to and from” in NJ only. Special reservations can be made for certain sporting events, concerts, weddings, etc. if and only if you are a New Jersey resident and simply needed a ride back to Jersey and are within a certain distance. It is a case by case determination of service and reservations must be made a week in advance with a deposit to assure our staff will be available to assist you.

4- Can you drive everyone in my party home?

Absolutely, if they live in close vicinity of destination and mileage rates apply. Our goal is to save lives and money to those smart enough to use our service.

2 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. I can’t read maps. Will you oicknpeople up from AC and drive them to Wildwood. And can you drive a stick?

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