Former NFL Star, Reggie Rogers, gets 6th DWI

Perhaps you don’t remember the story of Reggie Rogers, the former University of Washington star who came to the Detroit Lions in 1988. One year into his pro career, Rogers was struggling with addiction when he drank too much and crashed his car into another, ending the lives of three teenagers. His breathalyzer results showed his blood alcohol content was twice the legal limit, but even more shocking was that he only received a year in prison.

He played briefly for a couple of more teams over the years and his career in football was over by 1992. Rogers’ fifth arrest happened on Thanksgiving of 2008 where he promptly fled the scene of the accident. He was sentenced in June of 2009 to 240 days of home monitoring but apparently was released early. Now in his latest arrest, Rogers will probably go back to jail and attempt to raise his six children, one for each DWI, from prison.

Source: Seattle

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