Gary Collins involved in Hit-And-Run, ‘clealy intoxicated’

According to, actor and game show host Gary Collins is wanted for a Hit-And-Run accident in Mississippi where he crashed into another car which had a baby on board. Police are planning to issue a warrant for the actor who has been arrested in the past for DUI, three times.

The driver of the other vehicle said that Collins smelled of alcohol and was “clearly intoxicated” when he began yelling at her, “what are you waiting for?” before getting back into his vehicle and leaving the scene.

In 2007, a man was killed in an accident involving Gary Collins and although the crash was found not to be his fault, he did serve 4 days in jail after pleading no contest. Collins also drove a mobile home and was pulled over in the past with a blood alcohol content of 0.29, over three times the legal limit.

Source: Contact

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