Golf Season is Fast Approaching

Weather hitting almost 70 one day and then snowing a day or two later can only mean one thing. Spring is right around the corner here in the Northeast.

With the spring comes golf outtings, charity events, weddings, and outside events. Sober Sam is available for daytime events as well as evenings out. At Sober Sam, we want to be available to all our friends and help them get home safe with their car whenever they need us. By our friends we mean YOU!

Call and schedule a Sober Sam driver to meet you at all your events. Its much easier to plan ahead and not need us then calling last minute and truly needing us.

If you are hosting an event, we are also available as a group to attend your event and be available for your guests. If interested, give us a call at 856-520-5679 to get the details. If your event is serving alcohol, having Sober Sam available will benefit all involved.

Thank you all again for your support!