Man Arrested for DWI After Killing Young Student

A Long Island man was arrested for DWI after he struck and killed a pedestrian. Kenneth Serwan was intoxicated when the 46-year-old struck a woman on the Sunrise Highway in Amityville at 8:30 p.m. Wednesday. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police have charged him with DWI but did not release his blood alcohol content and it is unknown whether he has retained an attorney.

Source: The Wall Street Journal


The victim in the accident was Tynielle Silvera, and 18-year-old student returning from a tutoring job. The mother, Yolanda Silvera, screamed out “Murderer! Murderer!” as Serwan was arraigned on DWI charges at district court yesterday.

Serwan has a prior DWI conviction from 1992 and is currently being held on $200,000 bail.

Source: New York Post

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One thought on “Man Arrested for DWI After Killing Young Student

  1. It is not $200,000, it is $100,000 dollars. Yolanda Silvera is not her mother. Again she will NEVER be. She mistreated my sister. She is a monster. She never cared for us. All she cared for was money. If we were sick she never cared. We had asthma attacks she told to stop being babies. How can you call yourself a mother and you leave a child to die.

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