$10.00 for the first mile and $4.00 each additional mile


WE ALSO NOW OFFER BAR TO BAR DROP OFFS for an additional $10 that will be applied towards your ride home that evening!

Additonal $10 will be charged for any pick up after 3:00 AM

Holiday Pricing may vary

Reservations are appreciated but not necessary. Call any time!

All pricing is dictated by time of pick up, NOT from the moment you call for service. (I.E.- if you call at 1:10 am and Sober Sam picks you up at 1:45, charges start from 1:45)

$5 Additional charge may apply for each stop.

*All payments are due upon delivery unless otherwise specified by a Sober Sam representative.

*Services are subject to availability on a First Come, First Serve basis so please call ahead one hour to ensure delivery if a Sober Sam employee is not present at your location.

***NEW Hire-A-Driver Service Pricing***

$35.00 an hour for 2 people up too 20 miles from place of pick-up

$5.00 hourly charge for each additional person included

$0.50 a mile after the original 20 miles

Some cases may require a non-refundable deposit.

*Each ride can be extended from the initially agreed upon contract with an increased hourly charge of $35.00 an hour plus $5.00 hourly charge per extra person (if applicable). Your Sober Sam driver must agree to the changes and call it in for approval.

** Minimum of 3 hours consecutive required on contract or 4 hours split in a 10 hour period

*** Gratuity is NOT included


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