Scary Time of Year…

This is the time of year for ghouls and goblins, but there is something more scary and real for everyone of us.

With the reality of all the bar promotions, costume parties, football and hockey games comes a real threat of drunk drivers on our roads. Although we are doing our best to reach everyone and give them another option to drinking and driving, we will not be able to eliminate this threat completely without your help.

If you can save just one life or save a loved one the risk of a DUI by passing along our name and number … would it be worth mentioning our name? Please pass along our number and name so we can make our streets a little bit safer. We also have gift cards available for you to purchase for those you love. Call us and find out where we will be to get your gift cards today. Thank you all very much again for your support!

Sincerely, Sober Sam