Sober Sam is Available…

Sober Sam is available 7 days a week. We are available until most bars close. We are also available on most holidays. We are available in Camden County along with parts of Gloucester and Burlington Counties.

We are available for concerts. We are available for charity events and beef and beers. We are available for weddings. We are available for over 21 house parties. We are available for wine tasting events, as well as beer and liqour tasting events. We are available for sporting events. We are available for people who have a drink while they are out to dinner. We are available to pick up from train stations if you go into the city.

We are available to drop off in New Jersey only. We are available to drive you if you had one drink or many drinks. We are available to your friends and family in our designated area. We are available if you are simply to tired to drive. We are available to speak at events related to eliminating drinking and driving.

We will soon be available to drive you around in your own car all night ( NEW rent-a-driver/friend program ). We are not limited just to the things mentioned here.

We simply want to be available to help you stop drinking and driving anyway possible.

The choice starts with you. With the availability of Sober Sam , how can you make a difference? Tell a friend? Tell a loved one? Give a Sober Sam Gift Card? Take the pledge to NOT drink and drive yourself? …. PLEASE SPREAD OUR WORD AND NUMBER TO ALL THE PEOPLE YOU CARE ABOUT!!