Sober Sam Needs Your Help!

We need your help to spread the word to all your friends, family, co-workers, and even strangers about what Sober Sam does. Some still do not know that we are a service designed to help get you and your vehicle home safe and DUI- free!

Whether you have used our service before, plan too, or know someone who has…. Sober Sam is always a great option.

The hardest part about using our service is the phone call the first time utilizing this service. After that it becomes a breeze. Some have expressed how they have survived this long without having a service like ours, including some on our staff.

We want to thank you in advance to help us spread the word about the alternative to either driving drunk , using a taxi, or depending on another. That alternative being Sober Sam ” The Designated Driver Service”. Myself and our staff looks forwarding to seeing you and helping you any chance we get. Thank you again!

We are also looking to add to our team . Must be dedicated and care about getting people home safe without DUI’ s . The positions available are for nights and weekends. Must be willing to work holidays. Also must have a clean driving record along with a clean back round check. Please be able to drive stick and be sociable . If interested please send contact information to . Include full name, phone number , availability, reason for wanting to join our dedicated team, and a resume if desired. If we are interested, someone will respond to you and schedule a time to fill out an application and schedule an interview.

Thank you again for your support! Have a wonderful time, be safe, and we hope to see you soon!! Please don’t drink and drive!!

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