DUI charge was second for Pittsburgh Steelers’ Ta’amu

Alameda Ta'amuTeammates of Steelers rookie nose tackle Alameda Ta’amu admitted it were there for support of their friend, although they acknowledged what he is charged with doing was wrong. Somewhat of an understatement, Ta’amu who is charged with felony counts of fleeing police and aggravated assault while driving drunk; and three counts of aggravated assault for nearly running down police officers with his vehicle as well as 10 misdemeanors, including resisting arrest and attempting escape.

it is now known that Ta’amu was charged with DUI a few years ago when he was just 19 and playing for the University of Washington. Prosecutors at first charged him with driving under the influence, but he later pleaded guilty to negligent driving, and was sentenced to one day in a community-work program and ordered to pay a $350 fine.

Source: Pittsburgh Post Gazette