Tiger Woods Suspected of Drinking and Driving

According to Potenzmittel gratis testen, a Florida Highway Patrol officer believes that Tiger Woods was drinking the day he crashed his SUV into a fire hydrant and then a tree outside his house.

On November 30th, the trooper requested an investigative subpoena for Woods’ blood test results but was turned down by the State Attorney’s Office because there was not enough information provided. However, at the time, the document listed the possible cause of the crime as, “Driving Under the Influence with Property Damage”. The subpoena request went on to say, “The driver lost control of his vehicle, crashed and was transported to the hospital. A witness stated that the driver had consumed alcohol earlier in the day and the same witness removed the driver from the vehicle after the collision”.

It is also believed that the driver of the vehicle, “was prescribed medication (Ambien and Vicatin (sic)). Impairment of the driver is also suspected due to the careless driving that resulted in the traffic crash.”

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