Wednesday Before Thanksgiving

An obvious statement is to please do not drink and drive tonight. Not only are the cops out in full force, but there will be innocent people trying to do the right thing by staying sober to help their loved ones get home safe and DUI free tonight. We are just a few of those people!

Please be responsible enough to make the choice to NOT drink and drive. We care enough to stay sober to help you, so you should care enough to not want to drive drunk. We don’t care if you use a cab, ask a family member, stay sober, or use Sober Sam…. As long as you stay safe and DUI- FREE, along with keeping others safe from you not drinking and driving!

Thank you all again for your support and NOT drinking and driving!!

REMEMBER … It is easier to change a mistake 5 minutes BEFORE it happens as opposed to 5 seconds AFTER one happens!!