Win A FREE Ride From Our Sober Sam Photo Contest!!

Sober Sam is offering multiple FREE ride cards for a fun and easy contest. Take a picture with one of our Sober Sam drivers and tag us on facebook and you could win a Sober Sam FREE ride card.

Sober Sam will be giving away one Free ride card for the chosen picture with EACH of our drivers. Be creative and have fun with it but remember we are a family oriented company.

The contest will run until the end of April. We will be giving away one Free ride card for each one of our drivers, so multiple entries are welcome. The Sober Sam Free Ride Card is valued up to $39.00 each. The contest will start today and run until the end of April 2012. Our drivers will be well aware of the contest and would love to have their picture taken with you. If all goes well with this first photo contest, we will have them more frequently. Please have fun with it and enjoy yourselves.


1. Each picture must include a Sober Sam driver in uniform and the person entering the contest.

2. Each entry must be on facebook and have Sober Sam, the bar where picture was taken (if applicable), and the person entered in the contest tagged in the photo.

3. The photos can not be altered.

4. Everyone in the photo must be at least 21 years of age with valid I.D.

5. There will be 1 winner per driver (so take as many pictures as you want with all our drivers)

6. You can not win more then 1 free ride card per month

7. Owner of Sober Sam will have final decision on each winning photo


Please drink responsibly!

Please do NOT drink and drive!!